Neuroplasticity Explained

The brain can change and adapt both in structure and function throughout the lifetime. It does this to adjust to the environment and in response to learning and injury. Neuroplasticity occurs throughout the life span, though certain changes are more prominent during certain sensitive periods. These include birth through age 3, the time when babies … Read more

Brunch in Oklahoma City

The best brunch spots in Oklahoma City offer everything from the traditional breakfast classics to unique dishes. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your experience. Avoid being that person who orders a complicated cocktail while everyone else is sipping on mimosas. Not only will this drive the bill up, … Read more

What Is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is a fascinating cognitive ability that makes it possible to learn new things and recover from injury or trauma. It allows healthy brain regions to take up the slack of impaired areas, as is often seen in stroke patients. While neuroplasticity peaks in early childhood, that doesn’t mean that adults don’t have it. In … Read more

Brunch in Oklahoma City

A brunch in Oklahoma City is a great way to catch up with friends over a delicious meal. You can try savory dishes like the chinook eggs or a fried steak and eggs, or sweet ones such as pancakes. There are many local restaurants that serve delicious brunch in okc. They offer both savory and … Read more

Brain Breaks For Kids

Brain breaks help students stay energized and focused for learning. They provide a chance to reset the brain and increase oxygen flow, and are best used before kids start to lose focus or act out. Try having them roll a die or draw a slip from a box to choose their break. Or, have them … Read more

Brain Breaks For Kids

Kids have a lot of expendable energy, and it can often present itself at inopportune times. Brain breaks are great ways to help kids burn off energy while re-focusing their minds and sense of clarity. These short, fun activities can be anything from a dance break to a simple activity page like drawing an abstract … Read more

Edmond Restaurants

North of Oklahoma City, Edmond has a wide variety of great restaurants. There’s something for everyone here, from fine dining to casual eateries and everything in between. Signature Grill has quickly gained acclaim as one of the city’s best steakhouses. Start with jumbo lump crab cakes and puff pastry, then try a grilled tenderloin or … Read more