5 Habits of Mind to Help You Succeed

Habits of mind are repetitive thinking patterns that intelligent people use to solve problems they encounter. These mental tools create heuristic shortcuts that allow smart people to act in a knowledgeable and insightful manner when they are confronted with difficult problems. Authors Costa and Kallick discovered these habits and primarily studied them in educational environments … Read more

Habits of Mind

Habits of mind are a set of thought patterns that intelligent people have developed in order to solve problems and learn. These mental tools allow us to get past rut-thinking and fall into positive states of thinking when confronted with challenges. These are habits that we should cultivate in students throughout their educational careers. They … Read more

Habits of Mind

Habits of mind are a set of dispositions that people need to implement when confronted with problems and situations to which the answers are not immediately apparent. They provide children of all ages with a framework for autonomous learning, critical thinking and effective inquiry. Created by Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick, they offer sixteen characteristics … Read more

Organizing Your Middle School Classroom

As a teacher, you’re responsible for providing an environment that allows students to develop essential social, personal, and cognitive skills at this pivotal stage of their development. This can be challenging, but with a few helpful tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a classroom that students will love and learn from. Organizing … Read more

Using the SAMR Model to Reflect on Technology Integration in the Classroom

The samr model is a framework to help teachers reflect on their technology integration. It categorizes learning activities into four levels – substitution, augmentation, modification and redefinition. Substitution level technology acts as a simple substitute to classroom tools and provides no functional change. Augmentation level technology improves learning activities and significantly alters teaching practices. Modification … Read more

What is Inquiry Based Learning?

Inquiry based learning is an exciting way to teach and learn. However, teachers must have the proper training to teach this type of learning successfully. Inquiry based learning focuses on moving students beyond general curiosity into the realms of critical thinking and understanding. This involves a complex process where students convert information and data into … Read more

What is a Maker Space?

A maker space is a learning environment where children can use a variety of creative tools to explore, construct and design things. These hands-on learning areas are important for early learners because they help children to develop their creativity, thinking skills and critical thinking. A maker space can be anything from a repurposed book cart … Read more