High School Books to Read

Reading can help students improve their grades and test scores. It also helps them grow emotionally and intellectually. J.D. Salinger’s classic about an irreverent teen, Holden Caulfield. Primary themes of interest to high school students: unreliable narrators, identity, idealism. Young readers get hooked on this dystopian tale about a group of teenage boys stranded in … Read more

What Is Academic Language?

Academic language is the specialized vocabulary and syntax that is needed for building content knowledge, engaging deeply with reading and writing, and expressing ideas in academic settings. Academic language includes grammatical rules (such as subject-verb agreement, pronoun usage and word order), specialized linguistic systems (like the metric system or mathematical terms) and contextual language (words … Read more

Brain Breaks For Kids

Brain breaks help students stay energized and focused for learning. They provide a chance to reset the brain and increase oxygen flow, and are best used before kids start to lose focus or act out. Try having them roll a die or draw a slip from a box to choose their break. Or, have them … Read more

The Reggio Emilia Approach to Education

The Reggio Emilia approach to education places children at the center of learning. Teachers are collaborators and encourage children to explore their interests. Children are able to learn using their natural strengths in various ways, including art, music, and drama. Teachers are learners, too, and document students’ growth through photos, informal notes, work portfolios, and … Read more

The Best Record Stores in Oklahoma City

While physical media has lost ground to streaming, a loyal following of fans continues to support record stores. These mom-and-pop shops stock new releases and reissues while fostering a sense of community for musicians and music lovers. Owners Justin Sowers and Travis Searle launched Guestroom just in time to ride the vinyl resurgence. The storefronts … Read more

The Reggio Emilia Approach to Education

Developed by pedagogist Loris Malaguzzi after WWII, the reggio emilia approach is a child-centered education philosophy. This educational method takes into account many different aspects of learning, such as the environment as a third teacher, documentation or the image of the child. Parents are a big part of this learning philosophy and are seen as … Read more

Cheering Students

Cheering students is a great way to reinforce classroom learning and encourage positive behaviors. Public praise can be an effective motivator and a great confidence booster for student-athletes. Although cheerleading is not recognized as an NCAA sanctioned sport, colleges are often willing to recruit student-athletes at any stage of the recruiting process. To get on … Read more

Warm Demander Teachers

Warm demanders are teachers who establish a connection with students and use instructional practices that communicate high expectations. They know their students and their cultures, build relationships, and demand that students maximize their efforts and show respect. They also demonstrate personal warmth, using non-verbal ways such as smiling and good natured teasing. These techniques communicate … Read more