Neuroplasticity Explained

The brain can change and adapt both in structure and function throughout the lifetime. It does this to adjust to the environment and in response to learning and injury. Neuroplasticity occurs throughout the life span, though certain changes are more prominent during certain sensitive periods. These include birth through age 3, the time when babies … Read more

The Reggio Emilia Approach

Educators in schools that follow the reggio emilia approach understand children’s unlimited potential for learning and understanding. They believe children are active collaborators in their education and that learning comes from a variety of sources. Teachers encourage students to explore their interests by using “provocations” in the classroom. They also document a student’s learning through … Read more

Benefits of a Macbook Pro

If you are looking for a high-quality laptop, a macbook pro is one of the best options. These machines are built with quality hardware specs and come in a sleek design. They run on Apple’s proprietary operating system, macOS, which provides a variety of benefits and features that are not found on other laptops. This … Read more

Top 10 High School Books

As you embark on your high school journey, you will likely be assigned a number of books to read. These can be a challenging but rewarding way to learn. These books will challenge you and help you grow empathetically and intellectually. They will also prepare you for college and beyond. Jane Austen’s Emma Jane Austen’s … Read more

Habits of Mind

Habits of mind are thinking patterns that intelligent people use to solve problems. They develop heuristic shortcuts that allow smart people to act quickly and effectively when they encounter challenging situations. The Habits of Mind framework developed by Art Costa and Bena Kallick describes 16 common habits of thought that help intelligent individuals navigate difficult … Read more

Building Habits of Mind in the Classroom

Habits of mind are repetitive thinking patterns that intelligent people use to solve problems they encounter. They also develop heuristic shortcuts that can help them solve tricky situations. Infusing habits of mind into your classroom can help your students develop a sense of inquiry, exactness, and flexible thinking from new perspectives. They can also learn … Read more

5 Habits of Mind You Must Have to Succeed in Life

Habits of mind are a set of mental resources that characteristically intelligent people use when they encounter problems, dilemmas, and enigmas. These hone their skillfulness and allow them to process information in ways that gain them more information. They also enable them to develop a sense of inquiry, exactness and flexible thinking from new perspectives. … Read more

Promoting Literacy With a Book Vending Machine

Book vending machines are a great way to promote literacy and reading culture. These machines dispense books and offer exciting business opportunities for businesses and schools. This Edutopia case highlights the many benefits of these machines. They offer more reading opportunities, promote literacy, and encourage students to take pride in their reading accomplishments. Boosts Reading … Read more

Why Teachers Use Bell Work in the Classroom

Bell work, bell ringers, warm-ups, first 5’s – whatever you call it, this is one of the most effective classroom procedures that teachers use to get their students focused and ready for learning. Having an efficient bell work routine can make a huge difference in the way you start each class period and how well … Read more