What is the Purpose of Education?

Education is a process by which an individual acquires knowledge, experience and skill. It makes the person civilized, refined and cultured. There are two major aims of education: individual aims and social aims. Education teaches many important values such as empathy, honesty, and humanity. It also helps students to develop good relationships with their peers. … Read more

What is Scaffolding in Education?

Scaffolding is a learning strategy that helps students master new skills and concepts. It is often used by teachers to support students who struggle with learning. Teachers scaffold students by breaking down a task or concept into small, manageable steps. The goal is for students to achieve a higher level of understanding and ultimately become … Read more

How to Build a Community

In the modern world, more and more people are craving human connection and building communities. These communities can be physical, online or both. To build community effectively, it is important to understand what it means and its principles. Here are some of the most important aspects to remember: Identifying the Problem Just like individual problems, … Read more

What is a CER?

What is a CER? The claim-evidence-reasoning (CER) framework is a scaffold for students to practice their argumentative writing skills. The CER framework pushes students into inquiry so they can evaluate the authenticity of any claim that is made. It also allows students to articulate coherent explanations for their investigations. Claim Claims are common in all … Read more

The Habits of Mind That Lead to Academic Success

In education, we often focus on learning standards and then instruction, but we often overlook the habits of mind that actually lead to academic success or failure. Habits of mind are a composite of many skills, attitudes, cues, past experiences, and proclivities that lead individuals to value one pattern of thinking over another. 1. Learning … Read more

What is a Maker Space?

Maker spaces offer a space to bring together people who love making things. These are programmers, engineers, builders, designers, artists, bakers, and anyone who values creativity and innovation. While some makerspaces focus on projects that are STEM related, others are more geared towards arts and craft projects. Regardless of the focus, makers create in makerspaces … Read more

Books Read in High School

Books read in high school are important to students’ intellectual growth. They help students develop empathy and communication skills, and they can also teach them about different cultures and societies. While many students struggle to find books they enjoy, there are plenty of great choices out there. We’ve put together a list of 18 meaningful … Read more

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers are some of the hardest working people in the world. They put in long hours creating worksheets, printables, and other teaching resources. They also work on a variety of projects throughout the year to earn extra income. These include tutoring, coaching, and other side jobs. Paychecks A paycheck is a key part of your … Read more