Edmond Restaurants

Whether you’re craving an Italian meal at Othello’s or a juicy steak from Boulevard Steakhouse, Edmond restaurants have you covered. Browse tons of takeout options and have food delivered to your home or office, all on your schedule. For healthy delivery choices, try The Garage, Pho Bulous, Johnnies Express, and Mt. Everest Cuisines. Zarate’s Latin … Read more

Books to Read in High School

There are many classic books that should be read in high school. Some are old and timeless, while others have a more modern appeal. Whether your student is an introvert or an extrovert, they will enjoy this novel about the heartbreaks and friendships of high school. Students will also love the humorous drawings. The Grapes … Read more

New OKC Restaurants

After a challenging year, restaurant customers appear to have learned lessons that will stick. They’ll likely cling to outdoor dining, online ordering and delivery services into the future. From a restaurant inside an Ellison Hotel to Okie-centric fare at Milo, new OKC restaurants are showcasing local tastes and innovative fusion dishes. Ted’s Mexican Restaurant The … Read more

Brunch in Oklahoma City

The best brunch spots in Oklahoma City offer everything from the traditional breakfast classics to unique dishes. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your experience. Avoid being that person who orders a complicated cocktail while everyone else is sipping on mimosas. Not only will this drive the bill up, … Read more

Brunch in Oklahoma City

A brunch in Oklahoma City is a great way to catch up with friends over a delicious meal. You can try savory dishes like the chinook eggs or a fried steak and eggs, or sweet ones such as pancakes. There are many local restaurants that serve delicious brunch in okc. They offer both savory and … Read more

Inquiry Based Lerning

Inquiry based lerning is a teaching technique that encourages students to engage with learning material in an active way. This makes students more engaged with the subject and helps them learn better. Inquiry based learning can be used in all subjects from K-12 to higher education. It teaches several skills including research, collaboration, critical thinking … Read more

Edutopia – Transform K-12 Education With Edutopia Articles

Edutopia is an education website that provides educational information to teachers, parents, and administrators. It focuses on six core learning strategies: comprehensive assessment, integrated studies, project-based learning, social and emotional learning, teacher development, and technology integration. It also covers schools that work and cites examples of successful practices in the classroom. However, many of its … Read more

Top 5 Books You Read in High School

If you’re a high school student, you probably already know that reading is an important part of your education. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways to stimulate your brain and learn new vocabulary. However, not all students enjoy reading for pleasure. That’s why many high schools have started allowing students to … Read more

Webb’s Depth of Knowledge

Webb’s depth of knowledge is an educational framework that categorizes knowledge into four levels. It is a way to increase rigour in teaching and learning. It was developed in 1997 by Norman L. Webb of the Wisconsin Center for Education Research. Level 1 The concept of depth of knowledge was invented by Norman Webb. It … Read more