Record Stores in Oklahoma City

A record store serves music lovers with a love of physical media. They carry everything from vinyl records to 8 tracks and cassette tapes to CDs. These stores are usually owned by business-minded music aficionados. They also sell t-shirts, posters and music books.

In-store events and performances keep local musicians coming back. Guestroom hosts the annual Norman Music Festival and has hosted The Flaming Lips and Dwight Twilley for in-store shows.

Velvet Monkey Salon

A haircut and a good hair day can make you feel like a whole new person. The stylists at Velvet Monkey Salon are trained to provide the perfect cut and color. They also offer waxing services and nail treatments for their clients. The back of the salon features a whimsical vintage store that showcases local artists.

This vintage boutique and salon is located in the east end of the Plaza District. Owner Estrella Evans turned the 3700-square foot space into a funky, eclectic salon, boutique and loft-style home.

The salon’s collection of vinyl is impressive, and while it may not be as extensive as the Western location, it has something for everyone. The shop is open Tues-Sat from 12-7, and it’s worth taking a look even if you don’t plan on buying anything. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they will gladly order a record for you if it’s not in stock. They accept all major credit cards and offer street parking for convenience.

Size Records

If you’re in the mood for hard-to-find alternative, world and punk music, the Plaza District’s Size Records is where it’s at. While the store’s selection isn’t as extensive as Western’s, you should definitely pencil in some time to go digging here — you never know what you might find! The Plaza location is open Tues-Sat from 12-7. For more information, check out their Facebook page.

Beloved locally as part vintage shop, part junk store, Bad Granny’s Bazaar is a Plaza District staple. Lining its walls are crates upon crates of what can only be described as Estate Sale Gold.

Bad Granny Records

The Plaza District location of Bad Granny’s Bazaar is the best thrift store for vintage and resale finds in Oklahoma City. The shop is stuffed to the brim with curious collectibles, kitschy gifts and vintage clothing. You’ll also find a back room filled with crates of records, the sort that you might find when cleaning out your grandparents attic. Here, you’ll find everything from Dolly Parton to Seals and Crofts — estate sale gold!

The shop is open Tuesday-Saturday from noon-7. You can shop for vintage clothing, dishware, furniture or music here and snag a unique accessory from the selection of eyeball earrings and crazy sunglasses.

The owner of Bad Granny’s Bazaar, Diana Harris, is a stay-at-home mom who found her passion for garage sales and thrifting after her son reached driving age. She channels her love for thrifting into the store and offers a shopping experience that is unmatched by larger chains like Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Trolley Stop

Modern record collecting often involves flipping through racks in nook corner shops, searching for hidden gems. But it can be hard to find a local store as spacious and expansive as Trolley Stop, located in the Classen Ten Penn neighborhood.

Owner John Dunning estimates he has more than 100,000 records. He keeps a few in the shop to sell, but he dedicates most of his time to scouring his collection and bolstering events.

This six-room collection on Classen dabbles in freshly pressed but excels in vintage, particularly blues. It’s the kind of place where you can sit at a counter and talk to Dunning about his favorite albums, or he might play an old tune on his turntable for you.

Other record stores in okc worth checking out include the eclectic Mothership Connection in the Plaza District, which boasts bins of vinyl along with clothes, shoes, jackets with studs, pins and patches, zines, DIY books and random quirky items—pretty much everything you need for the perfect punk look.

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