Sussy Baka – A Play on Words

You may have noticed a strange phrase popping up in TikTok videos lately: sussy baka. It’s a play on words that combine two popular memes.

Originally, it’s a variation of sus, which comes from the video game Among Us. It’s used to call out someone who looks shifty or suspicious.

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Sussy Dishes

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Sussy Gifts

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If you’ve spent much time on TikTok recently, you may have seen a strange phrase popping up everywhere – sussy baka. It’s a variation on the word sus, which originated from the video game Among Us to describe someone who is shifty or suspicious. It has now become a meme in its own right and you’ll be hearing it all over the place.

Sussy Baka

Sussy Baka is a trend that has taken the internet by storm, causing people to sarcastically call everyone they know a sussy baka. This phrase is a combination of “sussy,” which means suspicious, and baka, which is Japanese for fool. It became popular after TikTok user Akeam Francis made a series of videos in which he says variations of the phrase. His responses inspired many Original Sounds on TikTok and were used in a variety of video edits and memes.

This catchphrase is a part of GenZ slang and is also known as “Baka Slang.” It is mostly used by gamers to banter with each other while playing multiplayer games like Among Us. The word is also popular among fans of My Hero Academia as Deku from the anime is called a baka by his friends. Bakas are suspicious fools, so the term is quite fitting. It’s also a funny way to insult someone. So, next time your friend annoys you by talking too much or acting suspicious, hit them with the sussy baka!

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