The Best Record Stores in Oklahoma City

While physical media has lost ground to streaming, a loyal following of fans continues to support record stores. These mom-and-pop shops stock new releases and reissues while fostering a sense of community for musicians and music lovers.

Owners Justin Sowers and Travis Searle launched Guestroom just in time to ride the vinyl resurgence. The storefronts in Norman and Oklahoma City feature sunlit rows of crates to sift through, plus a stage for local musicians to perform.

Guestroom Records

Guestroom Records started as an opportunity for two guys to bring music to people. It has grown into a company with three metro locations, but still maintains its DIY roots and an intimate feel. On February 7, 2020, Tulsa singer-songwriter John Moreland arrived at the shop for an in-store performance to celebrate the release of his LP5 on Thirty Tigers. Moreland was welcomed by a packed crowd and applause.

Justin Sowers and Travis Searle founded the store in 2007, just in time to ride the vinyl resurgence. They bonded as college students at OU and honed their business skills delivering pizza for Pizza Shuttle. Now they operate two brick-and-mortar locations in Norman and Oklahoma City, with a third in Louisville, Kentucky. They sell new releases, used hauls and even press their own vinyl by local musicians. They also host events, from in-store performances to community celebrations, like Record Store Day and a Norman Music Festival stage at the OKC storefront.

Trolley Stop Records

There’s nothing quite like tearing the plastic off a brand-new record and slipping it into a turntable for its first spin. But sometimes you want a well-loved one, with lyric sheets and bonus artwork still intact or the sleeve so worn that the letters are practically round.

Located in the old Penn Theater in the Classen-Ten-Penn neighborhood, Trolley Stop Records specializes in vintage LPs, 45s and 78s. Its wide-open space also serves as a concert venue, hosting an open mic on Saturday and a jazz jam the third Sunday of the month.

Owner John Dunning gets several calls every day from people wanting to know if he has the records they’re looking for. He estimates that he has more than 100,000 records in storage.

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Monkey Feet Records

In the age of digital downloads and streaming, physical music remains a cherished pastime. Fans still love to flip through crates of vinyl and rediscover the thrill of discovering a treasured gem. The best record stores in oklahoma city still offer these collector-level treasures to customers, as well as the nostalgia that comes along with them.

Monkey Feet Records is a family-owned shop that specializes in classic rock, blues, country, and jazz. The shop is located in a law office building and has two rooms packed with albums. They also sell t-shirts, hats, and other merchandise.

The company reportedly canceled hundreds of orders, but failed to refund customers, according to Better Business Bureau complaints, messages sent by the couple, and an investigation by Better Call 4. The company’s warehouse owner has sued to evict the pair.

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