OKC Record Stores

Whether you’re a long-time collector or just like to flip through racks of LPs, OKC has some great local record stores. And even though record sales continue to fall nationwide, these independent shops can still be a treasure trove for finding your next favorite artist or rekindling that scavenging spirit.

The Sound Garden

The Sound Garden is a great place to catch a concert in a beautiful garden setting. These venues often offer general admission tickets that give guests a good view of the show and sometimes even have indoor seating, which is especially nice if you’re looking for a cool place to escape from the heat.

It’s also a great place to find some new music, and this particular record store has plenty of it. They carry the latest releases and have a used haul section for finding those older gems that you may not have seen before.

They also sell CDs and vinyl of local and independent artists, including Moreland and Queen of Rockabilly Wanda Jackson. The Norman store has been a staple in the local scene for a long time, and they also host musicians as part of the annual Norman Music Festival.

Ultramega OK is a strange album, but it’s worth checking out for fans of grunge and stoner/sludge metal in general. It’s a decent debut that doesn’t make any mistakes, and it’s a fun listen for anyone who enjoys listening to this genre.

Guestroom Records

A staple of the local music scene, Guestroom Records is a multi-location chain of independently owned and operated record stores with three convenient locations in the Oklahoma City metro. Their selections span all genres but specialize in vinyl, of course. The store also has a small but impressive museum of artifacts dedicated to local music history.

Owners Travis Searle and Justin Sowers have been in business since 2002 and currently boast two brick-and-mortar establishments in Norman and Oklahoma City with a third location in the works. Their venn diagram of new and used items makes them a destination for music lovers both local and far flung. They have a bevy of awards for their wares and are proud to boast the title of being Oklahoma City’s oldest record store. Not surprisingly, they are also one of the state’s top places to shop for music memorabilia like band shirts and turntables. They are also a champion of all things record related with a robust website and social media presence.

Trolley Stop Records

If you love a good crate dive, then Trolley Stop Records is the place for you. The store is located in the historic Penn Theater in Oklahoma City’s burgeoning Classen Ten Penn neighborhood, and it’s home to an enormous selection of vintage vinyl, LPs and music memorabilia.

Owner John Dunning is a lifelong fan of the music business. He owned a former Route 66-style antiques shop in Classen Boulevard before opening Trolley Stop in 2012.

While many modern record shops focus on new releases, this local mom and pop business remains dedicated to its devoted following of customers. Their wide-open space also doubles as a concert stage, and they host live performances from a variety of local and traveling musicians.

In addition to a great selection of records, the store sells posters and comic books. They are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The shop accepts credit cards and has a great staff. They are a family-friendly and fun place to visit.

Bad Granny Records

If you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind record album, check out the selection at Bad Granny Records. This store has an impressive collection of alternative, world and punk music spanning across all genres. You’ll find a ton of quality stuff in their basement, but the real fun is the rare finds you can pick up while you’re out and about.

OKC has a plethora of record stores, so it’s no surprise that the city also has a few gems of its own in the vintage clothing department. For a unique look at the old school, you can’t go wrong with Empire Slice House for a Foghorn Leghorn or Uncle Buck’s for a cheesy, cheeseburger in a can (or vice versa). There are also plenty of cool bars to peruse, from the swanky Velvet Monkey Salon to the more laid back Oak & Ore. You’ll need some time to ogle all the wonders this burgeoning district has to offer, so make sure you set aside some of your day for some serious digging.

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