Top 10 Record Stores in OKC

If you love the idea of scouring through bins and crates filled with vinyl records, you’ll be happy to know that Oklahoma City still has some excellent record stores. These local, mom and pop establishments are owned and operated by devoted music fans who want to share their passion with the community.

Trolley Stop Record Shop

In a city whose music culture is so strong, it’s no wonder that local record stores are thriving. These mom-and-pop shops are staffed by business-minded music aficionados who are staunch supporters of all forms of music.

One of these is Trolley Stop Record Shop, which recently relocated to the former Penn Theater in the burgeoning Classen Ten Penn neighborhood. Located next door to Current Studio, which houses Factory Obscura art collective’s immersive Shift art installation, the store is booming with new customers.

Owner John Dunning is a laidback gent who can give you a great deal of wisdom about the music industry and record collecting. He also hosts a number of live music events. These include open mics and jazz jams held on the wooden stage that he built against the east wall of the shop.


In the age of streaming services, a devoted following still remains for vinyl. While 8 tracks, cassette tapes, CDs and even mp3 players are all part of the music experience, there’s something about holding a tangible, physical piece of your favorite artists’ work that feels special.

For many people, digging through bins of records is the best way to spend an afternoon. In Oklahoma City, we’ve got a number of places to go to find that perfect record or LP. Whether you’re looking for the latest releases from your favorite bands or are on the hunt for an old school classic, these are some of our favorites.

Vinyls & Pages

The venerable vinyl record has had a bumpy ride in recent years, but it’s still a worthy contender in the digital age. It has also spawned a number of enlightened record stores and the like. OKC is no exception, with several shops boasting a well-earned reputation as a music lover’s paradise. So whether you’re looking for the latest and greatest in new releases or a relic from your past, there’s something for everyone. The top ten record stores in Oklahoma City are not all created equal, and while there’s no shortage of competition, these five have managed to stand out from the crowd. The following list features the most notable and best of the bunch, as well as a few more that deserve their own special mentions.

Mount Vernon Records

Mount Vernon Records, a record store and music store in Oklahoma City, is located at 6801 N. Meridian Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73703.

The record store is open daily and sells new and used records, CDs, vinyl, DVDs, LPs, and tapes. It also features a DJ booth and an area where musicians can practice.

In addition to the record store, Mount Vernon offers educational programs for educators. These include hands-on workshops that combine STEM with history to learn about the lives of George Washington, Mount Vernon, and the 18th century.

Teachers must register for ONE session per student to attend. This free program is designed for teachers who are educating students in a formal K-12 school environment.

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