Warm Demander Teachers

Warm demanders are teachers who establish a connection with students and use instructional practices that communicate high expectations. They know their students and their cultures, build relationships, and demand that students maximize their efforts and show respect.

They also demonstrate personal warmth, using non-verbal ways such as smiling and good natured teasing. These techniques communicate to students that the teacher genuinely cares about them and treats them with respect.


Caring is a multi-faceted activity that can take many forms, from the simple act of listening to someone else’s troubles to the more complex task of giving them a helping hand. This may entail giving them your time or energy, but it can also involve making them feel loved and special in some way.

Careful planning and attention to detail can go a long way in ensuring that your efforts will pay off bigtime. For example, if you are planning to spend a significant portion of your life caring for another person, it would be wise to think about their dietary needs and exercise habits before you commit. Taking the time to do this will allow you to reap all of the benefits that come with it.

It’s also a good idea to consider the best and worst times for helping others. This can make a world of difference in the long run, both for you and your loved ones.


When a teacher takes the warm demander stance, they show students that their efforts are non-negotiable and that their success is a top priority. They communicate this with a positive tone and body language, reminding students of the high standards they expect and delivering consequences fairly and calmly.

A warm demander approach combines classroom discipline, high expectations, and caring relationships with students. It also emphasizes a culturally responsive teaching that teaches kids the value of high expectations and shows how their work can make a difference.

In the workplace, empowering leaders can give their team members more confidence in their abilities. They encourage risk-taking and social connection, and they demonstrate their trust in their teams by clearly communicating their goals and vision.

Employees who feel empowered are more likely to use their creativity to solve problems. Psychologists believe this is because they have the freedom to think for themselves and collaborate across teams.


Warm demanders build relationships with their students through positive, open body language and taking time to get to know them. They use everyday interactions such as shaking hands, fist bumping or smiling at every student in the classroom to develop a genuine connection with their students and show that they care about them and take an interest in their lives beyond school.

Using this kind of relationship-building strategy to demonstrate high expectations is a great way to build student trust and confidence, as well as encourage them to work hard and reach their full potential. It also helps to show that you care about their lives outside of the classroom, including their families and their interests.

Being a warm demander isn’t easy, but it can be done when you have the right beliefs about yourself and your students. For example, if you believe in your own ability to make a difference, you’ll naturally think like a warm demander and act in a manner that supports your students.

High Expectations

A warm demander is a teacher who has high expectations but also cares deeply about their students. These teachers know their students’ cultures and have strong relationships with them.

They demand that their students maximize their efforts, show respect, and follow classroom norms. This is a tough love stance, but students say that they like it when this kind of behavior is displayed by their teachers.

To be a warm demander, you need to establish a relationship of trust with your students and communicate that your relationship is important to them. This requires vulnerability and honesty, and it also means sharing your true self with your students.

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