The Importance of Morning Meeting

When students have a chance to say hello, share out, and participate in an activity, they feel more connected and valued. This daily check-in can diminish behavioral challenges before they happen!

Morning meetings are a great way to get your classroom community off on the right foot. Read on to learn more about this fun group activity and how you can integrate it into your classroom.

1. It’s a chance to get to know each other

Morning meeting is a chance for students to get to know each other and share experiences. This is particularly important in younger grades, when it can be hard to get to know your classmates.

In addition to a greeting, morning meeting typically includes a message, share time and group activity. It can also include a fun game or a chance to reflect on the previous day.

The message can contain classroom announcements, a skill to review, or a question that encourages thinking. Teachers often use this opportunity to review the schedule for the day, as well.

It’s important to keep this part of the meeting short and focused. Issues that require extensive debate are better served during other parts of the day.

2. It’s a chance to set goals

When you set goals for your classroom and make them a part of the daily routine, students will feel supported and connected. They will be able to focus more on learning without distractions and have more time to build relationships with their classmates.

Morning meetings can also be a chance to check-in on team projects. This will give everyone an idea of what they need to accomplish today, how they are progressing and where their team is headed.

Having all employees meet together every day is great for increasing communication and building a positive work environment. It also helps remote workers feel like they are a part of a cohesive team that works toward common goals.

While a morning meeting may seem like a waste of time, it is actually an invaluable tool for setting goals and communicating progress throughout the week. With a few tweaks and improvements, morning meetings can be an efficient way to build a culture of collaboration and support team progress towards shared objectives.

3. It’s a chance to get energized

Team meetings are often considered a necessity for businesses and organizations. They’re essential for pushing agendas, solving problems and reviewing performance. However, they can be dull and dreary.

Ensure everyone feels energized during the meeting by including fun activities. You can add icebreakers, group games, and even some team-building exercises.

One activity you can incorporate is a game that helps team members share their best work. For example, if someone is doing well with a project, ask them to tell the team how they did and what they learned.

This is a great way to check in on progress and build trust among team members. It also makes people feel like they’re contributing to the success of the organization.

A morning meeting can be an incredibly effective tool to re-energize the whole team. By incorporating fun, engaging activities into your next meeting, you can ensure your team stays on top of their game and ready to tackle the day’s challenges.

4. It’s a chance to share

Morning meeting is a great opportunity for students to share their experiences, big and small. They might share a funny story about a classmate, tell you how a school event went down, or give a short presentation on an exciting new topic they’re learning about in the classroom.

It’s also a great chance for students to practice speaking and listening skills in a safe, supportive environment. In fact, many teachers report that their students have a newfound confidence when it comes to sharing during the meetings.

Some teachers have even been known to use the opportunity to showcase their favorite class photos! For the best results, make sure the photo is in focus and doesn’t take up too much room on the screen. Another fun way to get students thinking is by showing them a famous painting or other visual work of art that has multiple people or objects in it. This may require a bit of juggling but is sure to spark discussion and engagement!

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