Cory Chase – Do You Know His Real Name?

Whether you are a fan of the television series or not, you have probably wondered what the real name of Cory Chase is. You may have heard of his famous tattoos or even his career, but do you know what his real name is? Read on to find out!

Robert Leo

Among the numerous adult stars in the current scene, Cory Chase is a notable name. She is one of the best known for her award-winning content, and she also has a sexy figure. She has an estimated net worth of around $2 million in 2020. Currently, she is married to Robert Leon. She has a daughter named Katie. She also has two dogs, Set and Terra.

At a height of five feet, five inches, she is a very tall woman. She is also very active in her fitness routine. She does weight lifting and cardio exercises three times a week. She has a very muscular body. In addition, she enjoys tanning and horse riding.

She began her career in the adult entertainment industry when she was just 28. Before she became an actor, she spent eight years in the United States National Guard. Her first job was as a pet sitter. Despite the fact that she liked her job, she eventually switched to acting.

Body type

Known for her attractive physique, Cory Chase is a famous American adult film actress. She has appeared in more than 170 films in the adult industry. During her career, she has been honored with different awards. She also has a net worth of at least five million US dollars.

She was born on February 25, 1981 in New Jersey, USA. As a child, she was a pet sitter, walking the pets of her family and friends. She later trained to be a paramedic. She served in the United States National Guard for eight years. She then switched to acting. She has worked for several production companies and studios. She has starred in many X-rated movies. She is also a producer and director. Besides acting, she has also been a model.


Known for her sensual body and attractive looks, Cory Chase has gained popularity as a top echelon adult industry model. She has appeared in various commercially successful films. She also worked on a number of notable adult websites. She has won several awards for her work.

Currently, Cory Chase lives in Florida. She loves to spend time at the theme parks in Orlando. She also likes to hang out with her friends. She is an avid fitness enthusiast. She goes to the gym every day. She has two dogs named Set and Terra. She has a tattoo of a rose on her left shoulder. She wears a size 34DD bra. She has a height of 5 feet, 5 inches. She has a weight of 57 kg.


Despite having a mature body, Cory Chase has decided not to get any tattoos. Nevertheless, she’s still a pretty hot adult industry model.

Although Cory Chase hasn’t made it as a full-time pornstar yet, she has appeared in hundreds of films. She has worked for some of the biggest names in the AV industry. She also has a reputation for being a skillful handler of a cock.

Since she started her career as a MILF (masculine inflicted lovingly) actress, she has received numerous nominations and awards for her performances. In fact, she’s won four awards for her work as an indie clip star. She’s also won the AVN’s Fan Award for Favorite Indie Clip Star.

Aside from her starring roles in movies, she’s also been seen in TV shows like Bad Girl Sees Therapist, BangTeens, and Removing Bad Thoughts. She’s also done work for companies such as Brazzers, Reality Kings, Naughty America, and Digital Sin.


Having earned a lot of wealth from her work in the adult film industry, Cory Chase is one of the most highly paid models of the contemporary age. She has a net worth of around 5 million dollars. It is believed that her total income will grow even more in the coming years.

Cory Chase is a successful adult film actress and model who has appeared in over 180 films. She has won several awards in her career. She has also been featured in the covers of various magazines. In 2009, she made her debut as an adult film actress. Known for her drop-dead sensuous physique, she has become a fan favorite.

Originally from New Jersey, she started her professional career at the age of 28. She was interested in acting from childhood. Her first job was taking care of her neighbors pets. But she switched to modeling after finishing college. She was also an active member of the Army National Guard for eight years.

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