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Having spent a lifetime in the golf industry, it is no wonder that Bob Menery has become a renowned caddie. He has been the caddie for many of the major golf courses, including the Pebble Beach Golf Course and the Augusta National Golf Course. Known for his wit, humour, and a knack for telling great stories, Bob Menery is one of the most successful caddies in golf history.


Known as the man with the golden voice, Bob Menery is a sportscaster, comedian, and vlogger whose videos have taken over social media. He has gained a following of thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter. He has also been featured in a handful of media outlets. He has a YouTube channel with over 1,335 hours of content.

Before he became a social media star, Bob Menery was working as a caddy at the Wilshire Country Club in Los Angeles. He studied acting at the New York Film Academy. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2020.

He has also been featured in a number of television programs. He has appeared on “Billions” and “Rules of Engagement.” He also appeared in the short-lived series “Road House.”

Bob Menery is currently the host of the ZAPPED podcast. He has over two million followers on Instagram and 1.1 million followers on Facebook.


Despite his young age, Bob Menery has achieved success in his career. He is an American social media celebrity and sports commentator. He has built a good reputation on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. He is also a top rated podcast host. He is also known for hosting numerous sports events.

Menery grew up in North Andover, Massachusetts. His father, Michael Menery, is an internationally recognized musician. He attended public schools in his hometown. He graduated from the University of North Carolina. His mother, Patty Menery, is also a popular musician. He is of Anglo-Irish descent. He has blue eyes and auburn hair. He weighs 78 kilograms. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Menery first started out as a caddy at the Wilshire Country Club. He worked there for five years. In the meantime, he also pursued a career in acting. He enrolled in an acting school in New York. He was 23 when he finished school.

Podcast host and caddie

Besides being a famous sportscaster and podcast host, Bob Menery is also a social media influencer. He is known for his humorous golf parodies. He has a plethora of followers on social media and he has also been credited for creating “zapped” brands. He has earned a good amount of money through his work as a caddie and social media influencer.

Menery started his career as a golf caddie in Los Angeles. He worked for five years and carried bags of famous athletes such as Aaron Rodgers. He had a passion for sports and he eventually realized that he wanted to pursue a career in the field. He also took acting classes at the New York Film School when he was 23.

In the years that followed, Menery developed a passion for sports commentating. He started recording and uploading videos of his sports commentary on YouTube. He had a huge following in the golfing community. In addition to his YouTube channel, he also runs an online store that sells t-shirts and accessories.

Personal life

Currently, Bob Menery is a successful sportscaster. He has a very high social media following. His videos have gone viral. He is also a very popular Instagram influencer. He has a net worth of around $500k.

Bob Menery was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on June 10, 1987. He grew up in a lower-middle-class neighborhood. He was the last child of his parents, Mark and Patty. His father worked as an insurance salesman. He graduated from the University of North Carolina. His mother had a nurturing personality.

Bob Menery aspires to become an actor. He enjoys making people laugh. He is also a podcaster. He has a show called ZAPPED. His podcast has a 4.8-star rating. He has over three million followers on Instagram. He is co-owner of the Zappers football team.

Bob Menery has a golden voice. He started out as a caddie for the Wilshire Country Club in Los Angeles. He later moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. He didn’t land his dream role.

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