Cory Chase and His Husband

During the past decade, Cory Chase and his wife have seen their lives drastically change. They have experienced a major shift in their career, in their wealth, and in their lifestyle. Despite this, their love and devotion for one another continues to grow. They are raising their daughter, Katie, together, and have a close relationship. Their marriage is one that has been blessed with love and support from their families and friends. Their marriage is proof that love and support can grow when you are willing to give it the time and energy it deserves.

Early life

Known as a top echelon adult industry model, Cory Chase earns her living through acting in X-rated films. She is adored for her drop-dead sensuous body shape and her adorable smile. She is also known for her bisexual orientation.

Before getting into the ad*lt entertainment industry, Cory Chase worked in food industry. She started her career at the age of 28 by posting her videos online. She then worked with different companies, including Forbidden Fruits Films, BangBros, and Pure Mature. She has also appeared on different adult magazines.

She has worked on more than 170 films as an adult actress. She has also appeared on TV shows and movies such as Girlfriend Films, Bad Girl Sees Therapist, Naughty America, and Digital Sin. Currently, she lives in Vero Beach, Florida.


Having a wife as a pillar of the church may be more than most men are able to handle, but it’s a good thing to see her smile a few times a day. Having two furry friends in tow may be a bit much for one woman, but the latest and greatest edition to the family, a pup named Set, is all smiles on a good day. With two dogs, a house and a wife, there’s no doubt that Cory Chase is on the path to a lifetime of bliss. Having a pup at the ready is a must, as is a good night out on the town.


Having a bifocal in front of your eyes is not the most comfortable position to be in. The good news is that there is a solution to this problem. A simple strap will keep your glasses from sliding off your face while oozing out a little too much liquid. If you are into sex, you’re in luck. This is especially true if you are looking for a mate in the wild.

In addition to the aforementioned gimmicks, Chase has an affinity for Theme Parks in Orlando. She also has a pair of furry friends, two dogs to be precise. She has a stepdaughter from a previous relationship. Chase is an active participant in her children’s lives. She may be a pragmatist at heart, but that doesn’t mean she’s a slacker.


Despite a rather tumultuous marriage, Chase’s name is a household name on the mainland. This includes a sleuth of Hollywood types, a few locals and a passel of mates. The best time of day is after hours when the snobs and naysayers are all but accounted for. Having the best time of your life has its advantages but a couple of beers and a couple of shits and you’re in for the count of one. a small night out is not uncommon, if you can get one. The good old fashions have a way of going out if you don’t.

Stepdaughter Katie

Besides being an adult model, Cory Chase is a certified fitness buff. She works out at least three times a week, and she keeps her body in shape for sex. In fact, she doesn’t even need fake breasts! She enjoys the water, too. Chase is also an ardent fan of the Theme Parks in Orlando. She also owns two dogs: Set and Terra.

Having said that, Cory Chase is not your average blond – she’s a 57 kilo blonde. She has an estimated net worth of over five million dollars, and is married to Robert Leon, who goes by the stage name Luke Longley.

Net worth

Among the adult film stars, Cory Chase has earned a considerable amount of wealth. She is one of the most popular adult industry models. She has earned this wealth through her acting career. She is known for her attractive looks, drop-dead sensuous body, and cute smile. She has worked on over 180 films. She has also worked on many other production houses. She has also recorded for Brazzers, Pure Mature, and Reality Kings.

Cory Chase was born on February 25, 1981, in New Jersey. Her birth name is Audrey Wirtzberger. She grew up in New Jersey and served in the United States National Guard for eight years. She also attended a paramedic institute. After that, she switched to modeling. She has appeared on covers of different magazines. She has also worked on several adult websites.

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