Steven Mark McFadden

Whether you’ve heard of Steven Mark McFadden, or you’re just learning about him, you’ll find that he’s a star in Hollywood, and in the eyes of many. His career is skyrocketing, and he’s got some big plans for his future.


Known for his role as Phil Mitchell in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, Steve McFadden is an English actor. He has played the character intermittently for nearly two decades. He has won countless awards for his portrayal. He has also acted as a presenter for Britain’s Hardest.

Steve McFadden has worked in the entertainment industry since 1988. His character Phil Mitchell has been involved in numerous iconic storylines. He has won a number of awards for his portrayal of Phil. He has also voiced characters in video games such as Grand Theft Auto. He has also appeared in other TV shows. He starred in an episode of the BBC anthology series Murder in Mind.

McFadden has worked for a construction equipment company. He married Paula Jones in October 2001. They exchanged wedding vows at a ceremony held in downtown Little Rock. They have two children together.

After divorce, Stephen and Jones claimed they had an opportunity to reunite. They asked for joint custody of their children. But they could not come to an agreement. So Stephen asked for a divorce. The case was filed in June 1999.

Marriage to Paula Rosalee Jones

During the 1990’s, Bill Clinton was the target of impeachment charges. Many women accused him of sexual harassment. Jones alleged that Clinton made sexual advances toward her while he was governor of Arkansas. But the Republicans lacked the two-thirds majority needed to convict. The case was referred to as Clinton v Jones.

Paula Jones is the daughter of a minister and grew up in a religious environment. She attended a secretarial school in Little Rock. Later, she joined the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission.

She graduated from high school in 1984. Before joining AIDC, she had several jobs. She worked as a state employee making $6.35 an hour in 1991. She then became a real estate agent. She also appeared in Penthouse magazine. She was married to Steven Mark McFadden in 2001.

Jones and Stephen Jones had two children together. However, they separated in February 1999. The reason for their divorce was the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The couple had been together for seven years. They claimed that they were too different to be married, and asked for joint custody of their two children.

Sexual harassment lawsuit

During his term in office, Bill Clinton faced sexual harassment allegations from many women. One of the women who stepped up to the plate was Paula Jones. She filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the former president in 1994.

The lawsuit alleged that Clinton made inappropriate sexual advances toward Jones. Jones also claimed that Clinton harmed her reputation when she made her allegations public. However, Clinton’s attorneys asserted that the lawsuit is baseless.

In May 1994, Jones filed a lawsuit against the 42nd president of the United States. She claimed that Clinton made inappropriate sexual advances toward her during a stay at the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas. Jones sought damages of $750,000. However, she settled the case with Clinton for $850,000 in November 1998.

According to Jones, Clinton made inappropriate sexual advances toward her while she was at the Arkansas Economic Development Commission. However, Clinton denied that he ever touched Jones. In fact, Jones said that Clinton had told her that she should not tell the public about the incident.

Personal life

Despite his fame, Steven Mark McFadden remains a secretive and private man. He rarely makes public appearances, and he hasn’t updated his public life on the web.

Steven Mark McFadden married his wife, Paula Jones, in 2001. Their wedding ceremony took place in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. They have two children together. Ava, a senior at Manvel High School, is a soccer player, and Chloe is a volleyball player. The couple enjoys attending athletic events together. The family attends Second Baptist South Campus.

The couple met at a housewarming party in 1998. The pair dated for seven years before filing for divorce in 1999. The couple’s divorce was due to irreconcilable differences. They asked for joint custody of their children.

The couple reunited after a short period of separation, but the scandal between former President Bill Clinton and Paula Jones caused a lot of tension between them. Jones claimed that Clinton made improper sexual advances to her in 1991. She filed a federal sexual harassment lawsuit against Clinton in 1998, but the case was settled for $850,000.

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