William Paterson Academic Calendar

Whether you’re a William Paterson student or alumnus, you’ll want to stay on top of the semester’s schedule. This includes important events such as a Fall semester break and a Distinguished Lecturer Series.

Fall semester break

During the fall semester, all residential students are expected to take a deserved break. This is a good time to catch up on sleep or finish up those last minute assignments. The university has a number of perks and rewards to encourage students to stay on campus during this time. The aforementioned perks include a free meal plan, controlled dormitory access, and free laundry services.

The university has a number of other amenities to keep students and faculty members entertained. These include a student center with several lounges, a bookstore, and a number of restaurants. Aside from student services, William Paterson offers an awe-inspiring number of athletic and extracurricular programs. The school also boasts one of the largest campus-wide residence halls in the country. The campus is home to approximately 7,219 undergraduate students, most of whom live in the dorms, on campus apartments, or off campus off campus housing. The university is a member of the NCAA III and boasts a 370 acre campus in suburban Paterson, NJ. The most notable aspect of the university is the high quality of education it offers. Whether you are looking to pursue a career in the sciences, education, business, or the arts, William Paterson is the place for you. Getting a college education has never been easier or more affordable.

Distinguished lecturer series

Bringing some of the nation’s most notable personalities to the William Paterson academic calendar, the University Distinguished Lecturer Series provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the talents of a variety of nationally recognized speakers. The series is organized by the Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB) and is sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Student Government Association Foundation (SGAF).

The University Distinguished Lecturer Series presents a range of original programs that are designed to engage the public in a variety of scholarly disciplines. The series’ 41-year history has seen more than 175 public figures come to the University’s campus.

In October of this year, the University will host the 23rd season of its Distinguished Lecturer Series. In addition to featuring some of the nation’s most prominent figures, the series will also provide a special opportunity for students to hear from a former New York City mayor, Ambassador Dennis Ross. The series’ other speakers will include former Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, General Wesley K. Clark.

The University’s Distinguished Lecturer Series is supported by a variety of benefactors, including the Nicholas Martini Foundation, Pfizer, and Bacon & Graham, Inc. Individual tickets for the lectures are available at the Shea Center Box Office. Single tickets are also available at a discounted rate for University faculty and staff. Interested students can also purchase subscriptions for the series for $105 each.


Located in the stomping grounds of New Jersey’s Wayne county, William Paterson University of New Jersey is a small but mighty institution. It has been around since 1855. It is a well-rounded school and boasts a student body of 9,634 undergrads and 1,663 graduate students. Its location is nothing to sneeze at; it’s located just under an hour’s commute from New York City, which makes it one of the best locations to study in the northeast. Getting there is a matter of Routes 23/80/287/46 and Newark Liberty International Airport. In terms of tuition, William Paterson isn’t stingy. A full-time student receives $14,065 in financial aid per year. For those on a budget, William Paterson has you covered with student housing in the form of residence halls and apartments. The campus is also home to a number of sports teams and clubs, including the varsity football, rugby and baseball teams. In short, William Paterson is a family friendly university that encourages its students to have fun while still earning their college degrees. This is a win-win for parents and students alike. A great way to see the university in action is to take advantage of its virtual campus tours. You can also sign up for a free tour of the campus by completing a form on the school’s website.

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