A 12-Month FNP Program Online Is For Nurses Looking to Advance Their Career

Whether you are already a nurse and you want to advance your career, or you are an aspiring nurse, you may be interested in a 12-month FNP program online. This program is designed to train students to become family nurse practitioners, which are health care professionals who can care for patients in both the home and in the hospital.

UMich School of Nursing

Located less than two miles from the University of Michigan Health System, the University of Michigan School of Nursing provides a robust foundation for a career in nursing. Students are prepared to provide evidence-based care in culturally relevant settings. During their training, students gain hands-on experience in clinical settings. The School of Nursing’s clinical labs feature state-of-the-art simulation and training technology.

Students pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) are trained to address a wide variety of issues facing diverse patient populations. The program is flexible in terms of course formats, and students can choose to focus on specific research interests. The University of Michigan has a wide network of clinical mentor-preceptors in more than 600 locations throughout the state. This allows students to enhance their skills and prepare for leadership roles in the nursing field.


UC’s 12-month FNP program online is for nurses who have previously completed a bachelor’s degree in nursing and are looking to further their education. The program is designed to give students a foundation in advanced practice nursing and prepare them for the DNP program.

The curriculum of the FNP program is divided into four major areas: clinical skills, health assessment, management, and leadership. In addition, the program includes advanced clinical research, healthcare policy and politics, and advanced theoretical issues in nursing and ethics.

The program also includes a mandatory Leadership Immersion Experience, which occurs during a week prior to the first summer quarter. This experience includes team building, faculty relationships, and a comprehensive orientation. The coursework teaches students how to work with teams to improve health care quality.


Taking the first step toward becoming an FNP is a rewarding career choice. Whether you are already a registered nurse or an aspiring nurse, a career as an FNP can provide you with a high salary, the security of knowing you are helping patients in a health care setting, and an opportunity to help individuals and families. In addition, some online FNP programs offer a variety of specialization courses, allowing you to focus your education on a particular area.

Online FNP programs focus on developing the fundamental skills needed to become a successful nursing professional. These programs often include coursework in advanced practice nursing and pathophysiology, as well as basic healthcare subjects. They also include specialty-specific courses, such as healthcare informatics, pharmacology, and research methods.

Samford University

Licensed nurses who have already earned their master’s degree and wish to become a Family Nurse Practitioner can choose to pursue a post-master’s certificate concentration in this program. This specialization is available at Samford University and offers a two-year path towards certification.

During the first year of the program, students complete a college preparatory high school curriculum. After completing the program, students have the option to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration or a BSN to MSN program. A non-refundable admission fee is applied to the first semester’s tuition.

The 12-month FNP program at Samford University is a hybrid teaching format, meaning students will complete online coursework as well as clinical experience. The program requires a minimum of 42 semester credits. It is also required that students visit the campus at least three times during their tenure. The clinical hours required range from 360 to 1,020.

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