RN-MSN Nurse Practitioner Online Programs

Accelerated RN-MSN

RN-MSN programs provide a streamlined way to get your Master of Science in Nursing. You can get your degree quickly, without having to attend classes in person, and you can earn your NP certification along the way. It can also help you advance your career faster. With a Master’s degree in Nursing, you can work in a variety of healthcare settings, and you’ll have the knowledge and experience to handle leadership roles.

If you already hold a bachelor’s degree from another field, you may be eligible for an accelerated RN-MSN program. These programs allow you to complete the coursework in as little as one year. In addition, many programs offer areas of concentration, so you can focus on a particular nursing area. You may choose from a variety of specialties, such as nurse executive, nurse educator, clinical nurse specialist, and nursing informatics. If you want to learn more about this type of degree program, you’ll want to check out the individual course descriptions, which include information on prerequisites, clinical hours, lecture hours, and seminar hours.

The program’s curriculum is designed to prepare you for advanced practice, including roles as a nurse educator and administrator. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about new technologies and practices as you study. You’ll have access to a variety of On-Site Intensives, which are designed to provide an intensive experience in a clinical setting. These accelerated programs are a convenient way for busy nurses to go to school on their own time, while saving money on travel costs.

RN-MSN programs are also available for people who have an active RN license. In addition to completing coursework, you’ll also need to complete a clinical practicum and an evidence-based capstone. Some programs include a Clinical Nurse Leadership option, which allows you to evaluate the care you provide. You’ll also have to complete a year of bridge courses, which will teach you about caregiving, community, research in nursing, and health assessment.

Some programs include a dual specialization track, which allows you to specialize in both acute care and primary care of infants. This option is ideal for people who want to earn their MSN as quickly as possible, but it also means you’ll need to complete 51 graduate credits. You’ll also be required to complete 540 hours of clinical practice. You’ll also need to complete courses in health promotion and disease prevention, quality improvement, and informatics. You’ll also have to take a national certification exam.

You can find many different accelerated RN-MSN programs. Some of them require a bachelor’s degree, but others are designed specifically for non-nursing students. You can also find accelerated programs that are designed for students who already hold an ADN, BSN, or other bachelor’s degree. You’ll need a 3.0 GPA and a strong health care background to be eligible for these programs.

You’ll also need to be a registered nurse, and you’ll need to have an active RN license in order to enroll. If you’re a nurse who hasn’t been licensed in a while, you’ll need to complete bridge courses that will teach you how to advance your practice and prepare you for a professional career. You’ll also need to take the NCLEX-RN exam to become a licensed nurse.

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