Post Master’s Principal Certification Online

Having a master’s degree is a requirement for getting a principal certification. You can also get certified for teaching in New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

Education related master’s degree required

Whether you are planning to become a school principal or want to advance your career, an education related master’s degree can help you. This type of degree will strengthen your education leadership skills and give you an edge when you apply for a school principal job.

In addition to an education related master’s degree, you will need to meet your state’s licensing requirements for becoming a school principal. This varies from state to state, so you will want to research the requirements in your state.

A master’s degree in educational leadership and policy studies is an advanced education degree that focuses on the big picture of school governance. This degree prepares you to work with school districts and educational nonprofits. Specifically, it provides you with a deep understanding of education policy and finance. This knowledge allows you to take on management roles outside of your school, and it also prepares you to collaborate with lawmakers on education policy.

Pennsylvania school principal licensure requirements

Whether you’re a first-time school principal or you’re an experienced educator looking to enhance your career, there are several Pennsylvania school principal licensure requirements that you should be aware of. These requirements include a solid background in educational theory, school law, and good moral character.

In addition to completing an approved graduate program, aspiring principals must show evidence of having mastered the art of effective leadership, including engaging in political and community initiatives, as well as outstanding organizational and communication skills. In addition, they must demonstrate a record of using data to make informed decisions.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education will provide an aspiring school principal with an Administrative Certificate. Aspiring administrators can apply for this certification online. The Department will verify the credentials of applicants and require them to undergo three background checks.

New Jersey principal certification requirements

Obtaining a master’s degree in educational leadership and receiving a New Jersey principal certification is not difficult, but there are some requirements to meet before you can start your training. A master’s degree is required to earn the certificate and you will need at least five years of teaching experience.

To earn a standard certification, you must first complete a Commissioner-approved educational leadership preparation program. The program must be approved by the Commissioner and include a State-approved examination. You must also complete an additional examination in physiology and hygiene administered at county offices of education.

The Principal Certification Program is a two-track program that prepares candidates to work as effective school leaders. The program focuses on the importance of effective instructional leadership, collaboration, and continuous professional learning. It also gives students opportunities for culturally sustaining leadership.


Whether you’re interested in becoming a teacher, a principal, or a special educator, Gwynedd Mercy University has you covered. This institution is committed to providing quality education to students and teachers alike. Their programs are taught by experts and supported by other educators.

Gwynedd Mercy University’s online accelerated Master Teacher Program is a 30-credit Master of Education program designed for certified PreK-12 teachers. The program blends online coursework with in-person practicum experiences. This program is a good choice for anyone with a bachelor’s degree who wants to enhance their career. Those with a master’s degree in other fields may also be eligible for early entry into the MPH program.

Gwynedd Mercy University’s Education Programs are overseen by award-winning Program Director Raymond Bandlow. This school of education uses experienced educators and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that all of their programs are well rounded and offer the best learning experience possible.

Salem School of Education

Whether you want to become a principal or district supervisor, the Salem School of Education has a program that can help you get there. The program is nationally accredited and recognized by the Educational Leadership Constituent Council. It also facilitates a more effective path to licensure in your home state.

The Master of Education in Educational Leadership program at Salem School of Education prepares students for school district leadership. Students complete 15 months of coursework to earn the degree. The program includes courses in instructional technology, educational law, and academic administration. It also includes six transfer credits from the TeacherReady program.

Students also complete a summer internship program and self-design internship. This provides an excellent theory-to-practice experience. In addition, students may enroll in courses to complete the program or to update their knowledge.

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