Getting an Accelerated Criminal Justice Degree

Getting an accelerated criminal justice degree can be a good way to jump-start your career. However, there are many factors to consider before you make the decision. This article will look at the cost, courses offered, and accreditation. You will also find a list of online programs that you can attend to get the degree you need.


Acceding to accreditation of an accelerated criminal justice degree can be beneficial for students who need to earn their degree quickly, but do not want to take on the financial burden of full-time study. In fact, many colleges are offering more flexible options in criminal justice programs.

The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences is an international association that upholds high standards of scholarly and professional activities in the field. It is also the leading accrediting organization for criminal justice education programs.

The BACJ to MACJ dual-degree program is designed to teach students how to effectively lead and manage teams in the criminal justice field. The curriculum covers leadership, professional qualities, and critical thinking. This degree can be earned in as little as two years. It also teaches students the basics of criminal justice.

The core curriculum in a criminal justice degree program includes 18 credit hours of coursework. The curriculum consists of classes in theories of criminal behavior, statistics, research methods for criminal justice, and more. Students will also take a course in homeland security. In addition, students will select five upper-level criminal justice courses as electives.

Courses offered

Whether you are seeking a career change or seeking to advance your current position, an accelerated criminal justice degree online can provide you with the education you need to move forward in your career. In addition to allowing you to earn a degree more quickly, these programs provide you with the flexibility to study at your own pace, so you can continue working while you earn your degree.

These programs also allow you to complete your degree in a shorter period of time, which is especially appealing to working adults. The average student can complete his or her degree in six years, but it is also possible to finish in as little as 18 months.

Some programs allow you to use prior training to earn credit. Many universities allow you to take up to 15 credits for your prior experience. This allows you to avoid a few of the classes that typically require a second language, which can help you complete your degree quicker.

Online programs

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement, homeland security, private detective work or correctional services, a criminal justice degree can give you the tools you need to get the job done. With a degree, you can advance your career and take on more senior roles. In addition, you can qualify for higher wages and promotions.

Criminal justice degree programs are offered in both on-campus and online formats. Most online programs are accelerated, which means that you will complete the course material in less time. This also means that you’ll be able to earn a degree much faster.

Some criminal justice programs are year-round, which can make it easier for students to finish the degree requirements quickly. Others offer hybrid classes, which are part online and part on campus. Some programs require you to complete hands-on training in a laboratory or data analysis, which may be done in person.

Most schools will consider a student’s prior experience for credit. For instance, if you’ve served in the military, you may qualify for up to 15 credits. However, you will have to fill out an Experiential Learning Portfolio, which is approved by the university. You will then be able to take the appropriate exam and earn credit.


Taking an accelerated criminal justice degree is a great way to get your degree faster and finish it more quickly. There are several factors that can affect how long a program takes. The number of courses taken, the school, and the amount of time students spend in class can all affect the time it takes to complete the program.

Most students in an accelerated criminal justice program will complete their degree in two or three years. This allows them to finish their degree sooner and focus on their new career instead of spending time in classes. The degree can also be completed online, which means it is available to students anywhere.

The cost of an accelerated criminal justice degree is usually cheaper than a traditional criminal justice degree. However, this does not mean that it is cheaper in all cases. Many programs charge a different rate for non-resident students. Also, the cost of course materials is not covered.

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