William Paterson University Degrees

If you want to pursue a graduate degree at William Paterson University, you will need to demonstrate a proficiency in a world language. The university aims to develop graduate students who embody a global community. For this reason, it requires students to complete at least six credits in a foreign language. There are also requirements for American Sign Language proficiency.

Bachelor’s degree in liberal studies

William Paterson University in New Jersey offers a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies. This program is offered in the traditional classroom and online. The university has approximately 9,600 undergraduate students. In the academic year 2019-2020, the university awarded 68 bachelor’s degrees in liberal studies. The university’s liberal arts majors are largely female. Approximately 21% of liberal studies majors are men and 79% are women.

This liberal studies program is designed for working adults who are seeking a broad undergraduate education. Students in this program select two major areas of study and complete their studies with a capstone course. Students in this program will be well-equipped to succeed in their chosen field. They’ll be able to use their knowledge and experience to teach others.

The BA in liberal studies program is designed for returning adult students or those who are transferring from another university. The program features a variety of tracks in the social sciences, history, and geography. Other tracks include English literature, psychology, and creative writing. The Bachelor’s degree is available in both full-time and part-time study programs.

The liberal studies program at William Paterson University offers an extensive, interdisciplinary education. The program features extensive reading, substantial writing, and library research. It also uses instructional technology to facilitate learning. And it concludes with a capstone course, where students select an individual research topic.

Master’s degree in education

William Paterson University’s College of Education offers challenging and rewarding education programs. Established in 1855 as a normal school for teacher preparation, William Paterson University has a rich history of producing top-notch education professionals. This accredited college prepares educators for careers in administration, education, counseling, and more.

The college offers two graduate degree programs for education professionals. One program is a 30-credit, 15-month Master’s degree program that includes a full-time, year-long residency in a local school. Another program is in bilingual education and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL).

William Paterson University is a top-rated public university located in Wayne, NJ. It is home to nearly 10,000 undergraduate students and over 82,000 graduates. Its prestigious faculty includes Fulbright scholars and recipients of many awards. It is designated as a Hispanic-serving institution, and nearly half of its student body is first-generation college students.

Graduates of this program may pursue certification as a reading specialist or teacher of reading for pre-K through twelfth grade. In addition, graduates may work with college students or adults with reading difficulties. Moreover, the program’s extensive curriculum helps educators become better leaders in their field.

Doctoral degree in higher education administration

The William Paterson University offers a Doctoral degree in higher education administration. The school is located in Wayne, New Jersey. Its campus borders the High Mountain Preserve and the boroughs of Haledon and North Haledon. Approximately 1,200 acres of woodlands and wetlands surround the university. The campus is about three miles west of Paterson’s Great Falls. New York City is approximately 20 miles or 32 kilometers away. The New Jersey Shore and the Meadowlands Sports Complex are also within easy driving distance.

This school offers challenging and rewarding education programs. Founded in 1855 as a normal school for teacher preparation, William Paterson University has a long history of delivering outstanding education programs. The university’s College of Education is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation. It serves as an important resource to schools, providing preparation for teachers, counselors, and school administrators.

The Doctoral degree program at William Paterson University emphasizes research-based, multidisciplinary theoretical foundations. Students develop critical and creative thinking and develop leadership skills, which are useful in the field of higher education. This program combines coursework with dissertation work in a three-year program. Those seeking this degree must be fully dedicated and committed to full-time study.

The William Paterson University Graduate Program in Higher Education Administration offers a 30-credit program. The program includes coursework in the history, structure, and administration of higher education. The program also includes leadership and management skills. The program is ideal for individuals who want to work in any higher education setting.

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